Month: November 2019

Black Friday 19

BLACK FRIDAY Offer 2019 | 99Tk Domain & 75% Off on Hosting

বাংলায় পড়ুন On this Black Friday offer, the Code For Host is staying at the ...

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CYBER MONDAY 2019 | 70% OFF on DA Shared Hosting

Maybe you know that this time Code For Host is the best #1 Domain Hosting ...

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Switching my php coded site to laravel framework

Hey, friends, I am switching from core PHP to laravel framework and everything works fine ...

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Codeigniter add url suffix dynamically when search

In the Codeigniter website I have a URL like this www.mywebsitename.com/used-motorbikes, On that page there ...

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How to backup MySQL Database laravel 4.2 with cronjob

I have a project laravel 4.2 and now I will automatically make weekly backup of ...

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CodeIgniter 4 redirect function not working

After logout, I tried to redirect for the home page. I tried to few ways, ...

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Mark-logic Server Install – Getting access denied 302 for server install page

I have installed MarkLogic server 10.0-2.1x86_64 on CentOS and corresponding converters as per the documentation. It ...

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“mysql 8.0” local infile fails I tried and display the settings. Could it be permission issues?

The following is my session I have the data located in the dir with owner/group ...

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How do I set up a self signed certificate for development purposes on CentOS 8 localhost?

I come to you at my wits end. I’ve been trying for a day, unsuccessfully, ...

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