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Best Web Hosting Company in Bangladesh

Code For Host is the best web Hosting Company in Bangladesh. You can get Reseller Hosting, Shared hosting, VPS Hosting, and Dedicated Hosting With Varius located Server at USA, Germany, Netherlands, Singapore, India & Bangladesh. We Have Repudiated Company Since 2011 We have been providing secure, fast, reliable, and trustworthy web hosting providers in Bangladesh. We have a 7000+ Bangladeshi website hosted on our server.

Web Hosting in Bangladesh Two main things are needed to get started with a website. These are domain names and hosting. A domain name is a must to help your visitor recognize your website. On the other hand, hosting is needed for your website to go live. You can’t expect to see your website on the internet without hosting. Web hosting is a special kind of computer server, where many websites can be stored without difficulty. All the data on a website is stored on web hosting. Good web hosting gives you many facilities. Such as- ranking on Google in a short time, loading a website much faster and many more!

Some Web Hosting Services that we Provide:

You can have different kinds of web hosting in Bangladesh from many web hosting providers. Such as:

Reseller Web Hosting in Bangladesh 

Lots of web hosting providers offer a reseller hosting service. The main advantage of reseller web hosting is, the account owner of reseller hosting can sell some of his disk space to others. It is very cheap compared to individual web hosting. it’s just a few bucks per month.

This kind of service has some disadvantages too, Reseller web hosting may not provide you the right technical support when you’re in trouble. But if you’re a techy guy, then it will be a great deal for you. As you can solve the problems on your own. Otherwise, reseller hosting won’t be a good choice for you.

Shared Web Hosting 

Shared web hosting is the most common and popular web hosting service in the market. Shared hosting is a type of web hosting where a physical server hosts multiple sites. Here only one server can host more than one site. Because of this, users have to pay less than individual web hosting. Because hosting provider’s cost is distributed among all the consumers.

if you have a little knowledge about programming and web hosting but you want to run a website, then shared hosting will be a great choice for you. Again, if you have a small business website and want to keep your costs down, then it will be the best choice for you.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting is the most powerful, secure and fast hosting service you can get from a web hosting provider. It’s also the most expensive web hosting in the hosting industry. Because you’re leasing an entire server not shared with anyone else. This gives much flexibility to your works, as you have much stronger control over your web hosting server.

Dedicated hosting offers huge benefits to its consumers. Also, it costs way more than other forms of web hosting. A low and mid-range traffic site owner can’t afford a dedicated web hosting. It is just too much for them. They are comfortable with Reseller and Shared hosting. If your site gets a  huge amount of traffic regularly, then we will suggest you buy a dedicated web hosting service.

VPS Web Hosting;

In this modern era, we are not bound in a diary or on a grocery shop. Almost everything that now we can get from the internet and even its the words from the heart also, which previously could be written on the diaries. Now we are living in a modern world, here we use and think smarter and do smarter. Maybe, I know, I don’t need to introduce the internet now!

Well, right now there are so many of us have a website. We are giving too many varieties of services to the people. When we run a website we need some space where the files will be stored. That is what we called a web server, where all the files are stored and served as the administration requires. VPS hosting is one of them where websites keep their files stored there.

Maintaining a whole server is not the easiest task for normal people. And too expensive though. So, they will have to buy hosting which will give them space on the webserver but not need to operate the whole server.

How To Choose The Best Web Hosting

Two main things are needed if you want to be a website owner right now! It’s a domain name and hosting. A domain name will help you stand from the crowd and build your own brand. Another important thing is a good web hosting. As I mentioned above a good web hosting is a must if you want to run your website smoothly.

That’s why are suggesting you get the best web hosting service for your own good. In Bangladesh, you will find lots of domain & hosting services. Because of a large amount of web hosting service providers, it became difficult for the consumers to choose the best web hosting.

Don’t worry, we will help you out to choose the best and cheap web hosting in Bangladesh. Let me break down a few things you should look at when you’re choosing a web hosting.

Speed Is A Must

“Great hosting boils down to the 3 S’s: speed, support, and security,” said Adam Berry, digital director at Wingard Creative. Google loves those websites which fully loaded within 3 seconds. Also, visitors love websites which load within seconds. Because none is willing to wait forever to load a site. They will hit the back button and will cause your site great damage as it will increase your site’s bounce rate. So, don’t ignore the host speed while choosing a website hosting. you can check your website load speed test  

Check Reliability Of Your Web Hosting:

You won’t like if your website crashes like 10 to 15 times a day. Generally, poor quality web hosting can cause this problem frequently. This server crash can do massive damage if you’re an affiliate marketer. Because you don’t know if one of your real customers is trying to access your website while it is down. So, don’t betray your website giving it one of the poor hosting solutions.

Consider Your Need:

Don’t be fool seeing ads about web hosting, which are providing many features that may helpful for others and useless for you. It will cost you extra money without any benefit. Like if you’re a personal blogger and your traffic is limited then it will be useless if you buy any premium or maximum service from a web hosting provider. Again, if you’re an affiliate marketer or public figure and your traffic is unlimited, then you must have to buy premium or maximum service form a web hosting service provider.

Best Cheap Web Hosting Provider In Bangladesh

In today’s world, it’s an easy task to find a web hosting provider. The same is in Bangladesh. Uncountable web hosting providers are trying to get their targetted customers. If you’re thinking about buying a web hosting from Bangladeshi provider, then they may target you as well. Somehow they will reach to you, and will offer you their hosting service packages.

These kinds of web hosting providers charge way more than the actual price of web hosting. In another sense, they aren’t cheap web hosting providers you’re looking for. Again some web hosting providers may show you some lucrative offers, which is very cheap and of poor quality. It will do no good to your site, rather it will damage your site greatly.

As a solution for all these problems, we are offering some of the greatest offers we will ever find on the web hosting market. It is cheap comparing to other web hosting providers in Bangladesh. But we promise you’ll get more than your expectations. Stay tuned. We are going to cover our services, validity and the most important thing, the price!

Our Web Hosting Services You Can Buy Right Now

As you already know, we’re one of the web hosting providers who provide cheap web hosting in Bangladesh. We are committed to giving you the best web hosting service at a cheap rate. You’ll get an idea about our services below:

Linux Shared Hosting

Linux is the most used hosting system in the web hosting industry. Because it is more secure than windows web hosting. And Code For Host providing you the best value for money packages. You won’t be disappointed buying from us.

You will get this service in many variants. If your site is a personal site then you can choose a $15.63/year package which will give you 5GB of SSD disk space, 100GB bandwidth and many more!

Again if your site has a huge traffic base then you can try our Maximum package. It will give you 100GB SSD disk space, 2000GB Bandwidth, 300 E-mail account and many more for just $225.00/year. Moreover, you can enjoy our Node.js server

hosting and Python web server with these packages.

Linux Reseller Hosting

Besides Linux Shared Hosting, we also provide Linux Reseller Hosting in Bangladesh. Basically, you can buy this service if you want to pay monthly not yearly. Its the biggest advantage of our Linux reseller hosting.

Surprisingly, you can get started with our starter pack. It’s only $3.75/month, but it offers a lot of things such as- 5GB Disk space, 100GB Bandwidth, Free SSL Certificate and many more! Also, you can try our greatest Linux Reseller Hosting service.

Again, It will give you 40GB Disk Space, 800GB Bandwidth, Free SSL Certificate, Unlimited E-mail/FTP Accounts, Unlimited MySQL Databases and a bunch of other things just for $15.53/month. Consider buying these services as you will get Node.js server hosting and Python web servers too.

Windows ASP.NET Shared Hosting

Apart from Linux, we also provide Windows ASP.NET Shared Hosting. Here we have four different services named one, which is “Basic”. You can get Basic 500MB SSD Disk Space with 15GB Bandwidth for only $15/year. It’s the cheapest price in the market. Again, you can change your mind and buy Basic 1GB SSD, Basic 2GB SSD or Basic 4GB SSD.

If you think that, those basic packages won’t be enough for you. Then you can get one of our “Corporate” packages. Its prices are reasonable and not that high. You can buy Corporate 4GB SSD which will give you 4GB Disk Space, 100GB Bandwidth, One-Click Installer and many more for just $75/year. You can try other services of  “Corporate” packages. Such as- Corporate 5GB SSD, Corporate 10GB SSD with lot more benefit.

If you’re a student then we have good news for you. We have an offer just for students! Its Students 200MB SSD. With this package, you can get 200MB SSD Disk Space, 2GB Bandwidth, Unlimited E-mail accounts, One-Click Installer and many more just for $7.12/year.

Which Is The Best Web Hosting Linux Or Windows?

Most of the web hosting provider in Bangladesh offers two kinds of hosting. These are Linux and Windows. Both of them have their own specialty. We can’t say Linux or Windows is bad in providing services. Because both of them have expertise in different kinds of work. Linux hosting is compatible with PHP and MySQL, which supports scripts such as WordPress, Zen Cart, and phpBB. Windows hosting, on the other hand, uses Windows as the servers’ operating system and offers Windows-specific technologies such as ASP, .NET, Microsoft Access and Microsoft SQL Server (MSSQL).

Linux is more affordable than windows. Because Linux is a free open source and for this, web hosting providers don’t need to pay licensing fees for using it. Being free from paying the licensing fee, web hosting providers can offer lower prices for this type of hosting. Again, if your website requires specific Microsoft technologies such as  Microsoft Access and Microsoft SQL Server, then you have you use windows hosting service. Keeping every single thing in mind, we can say, Linux web hosting is overall a good deal for any website owner.

Best Reliable Domain & Web Hosting Provider In Bangladesh

From the crowd of many web hosting providers in Bangladesh, Code For Host has separated itself by its extraordinary work ethics. Code For Host is one of the leading Best web hosting in Bangladesh. We have the latest technology to offer you a smooth, error-free service. Our customer support team is ready 24/7 to help you. Along with domain hosting service and we give several other services too. Like SEO & Marketing, Web Development, eCommerce solution and many more!

These services have separated yourself from the mass crowd of web hosting providers. Because we don’t offer only one service, we went beyond the imagination of our competitor with various kinds of services. Also, we care about our customers. Because we believe, customers are our greatest asset. That’s why we love your feedback about our service.

There are some more reasons behind our declaration as to the best domain hosting provider in Bangladesh. We give quality service at the cheapest price. Where other hosting providers struggle to give quality service at a high price, there we provide quality service in a fair and cheap price.

Do consider us before buying Web Hosting in Bangladesh. We promise you’ll love our service.