Top 5 WordPress Cache Plugins for Optimizing Websites 1

Top 5 WordPress Cache Plugins for Optimizing Websites

Introduction: Why You Need a WordPress Caching Plugin

WordPress is a powerful CMS platform and it is used by millions of websites. However, WordPress sites are not always optimized for speed and performance. One way to improve the performance of your WordPress site is to install a caching plugin.

A caching plugin will store static pages in your browser’s cache, which will make your website load faster. It also reduces the load on your server since it only needs to generate these cached pages when they are requested.

There are many free caching plugins that you can use with WordPress – LiteSpeed Cache, WP Rocket, W3 Total Cache, Hyper Cache, WP Super Cache, etc.

How Affect Your Site for Loading Time?

A website’s loading time can affect your business in a number of ways. For example, if a website takes too long to load, visitors may not be able to wait and will leave the site before it finishes loading. This means that the company will lose potential customers and revenue.

The time it takes for a webpage to load is known as the “load time.” The average load time for most websites is about three seconds. If your site has an average load time of more than three seconds, you should consider making changes to your site’s code or content in order to improve its speed.

Affect on SEO:

Loading times affect your SEO. According to SEO Expert

  • Site speed is a key factor for ranking.
  • Fast sites can easily crawl by search engine.
  • Fast loading sites have higher conversion rates
  • It loads fast so reduces bounce rates
  • It also improves your general & search engine’s user experience (less stress!)

Faster websites are always favored by search engines, therefore they rank better. When we compare two websites, it’s not the only factor considered, but if you focus on making your site faster than your competitors, it will most certainly affect how high up in the SERPs you appear. Other factors being equal, the website with a faster load time will be ranked higher for certain queries. Google does use page speed as a ranking signal.

Affect on User Experience:

Faster loading speeds equals a better user experience, and that’s not all. It can also positively impact your brand’s reputation.

Loading speeds can be an indicator of how your website is doing. A slow loading time may indicate that your website is overloaded with ads, graphics, or other content. While some users will forgive a slow loading speed and navigate away, others may not. If you want to ensure that your users have the best possible experience on your site, make sure you’re implementing these simple tips for faster loading speeds.

Bounce Rates

Bounce rates represent the percentage of visitors who enter a website and then don’t explore any other pages on it before leaving. 

According to Google Speed Benchmarks: 

The probability of a user bouncing off your site after 3 seconds on the page increases by 32%.

A 90% increase in traffic bounce rates in a website can happen within 5 seconds of the site loading.

The 6-10 second increase in load time to your website can cause a significant 106% increase in leaving before loading the site.

Up to 10 seconds of load time increases the bounce rate by 123%.

Studies have found that for each second that a webpage loading, the user is less likely to stay on the website and view other pages. Websites loading below a certain threshold are less likely to convert visitors into customers.

Best WordPress Cache Plugins in 2022 – What to Look For

A WordPress cache plugin is a great way to optimize your site for speed and performance. This article will explore the 5 best WordPress cache plugins of 2022, including what to look for when choosing the right plugin for your site.

This post will teach you how to use choose a plugin for WordPress cache to create and manage & optimized your WordPress websites.

It is important to find the right WordPress cache plugin to optimize your website. There are many reasons why you should care about site speed. In a WordPress blog post, they state that “site speed is a major factor in determining how successful a site can be.”

Choosing the perfect WordPress cache plugin can be a daunting task. There are so many factors to consider and you want to find the best plugin for your site. The plugins can range in price, but they all serve one purpose: to optimize the site performance. So how do you decide?

The cache plugin is used to reduce the load on the server and provide a quick response time to the user. It does this by caching data that has been retrieved from the WordPress database. These cached data can be stored for up to one day, one week, one month, or one year. Caching will make your site load faster and reduce loading time for your users.

With the popularity of WordPress, it is becoming increasingly difficult for bloggers to handle the site’s traffic. Caching plugins are an excellent way to increase site performance by caching content for future use. This article will walk you through 5 of the best caching plugins on the market today and what they offer in terms of features and functionality.

So, Let’s start?

1. LiteSpeed Cache – The World’s #1 Free WordPress Caching Plugin.

LiteSpeed Cache is a free wordpress caching plugin that can significantly improve your website’s performance. It helps you to reduce the load on your server and improve the speed of your website.

LiteSpeed Cache has two additional features: CDN Integration and Data Compression.

LiteSpeed Cache is a popular open source project for caching web content. It provides faster responses for repeat visitors and reduces the load on the server by storing frequently accessed content.

The LiteSpeed Cache Plugin is a caching plugin that can be installed on the WordPress blog. It is lightweight, which makes it easier to use and update. It also offers other features such as a CDN, file security, and improved performance.

LiteSpeed Cache Plugin Review:

Caching plugins allow caching of pages that are requested on the page. The plugin can then serve the cached page without loading all the information from the database. By using the LiteSpeed Cache plugin, you can create static HTML files for static pages on your site.


  • Free QUIC.cloud CDN Cache
  • Very Easy Control Panel
  • Object Cache (Memcached/LSMCD/Redis) Support+
  • Image Optimization (Lossless/Lossy)
  • Minify CSS, JavaScript, and HTML
  • Minify inline & external CSS/JS
  • Combine CSS/JS
  • Automatically generate Critical CSS
  • Lazy-load images/iframes
  • Responsive Image Placeholders
  • Multiple CDN Support+
  • Load CSS Asynchronously
  • Defer/delay JS loading
  • Browser Cache Support+
  • Database Cleaner and Optimizer
  • PageSpeed score (including Core Web Vitals) optimization
  • OPcode Cache Support+
  • HTTP/2 Push for CSS/JS (on web servers that support it)
  • DNS Prefetch
  • Cloudflare API
  • Single Site and Multisite (Network) support
  • Import/Export settings
  • Attractive, easy-to-understand interface
  • WebP image format support
  • Heartbeat control


  • Automatic page caching to greatly improve site performance
  • Automatic purge of related pages based on certain events
  • Private cache for logged-in users
  • Caching of WordPress REST API calls
  • Separate caching of desktop and mobile views
  • Ability to schedule purge for specified URLs
  • WooCommerce and bbPress support
  • WordPress CLI commands
  • API system for easy cache integration
  • Exclude from cache by URI, Category, Tag, Cookie, User Agent
  • Smart preload crawler with support for SEO-friendly sitemap
  • Multiple crawlers for cache varies
  • HTTP/2 support
  • HTTP/3 & QUIC support
  • ESI (Edge Side Includes) support*
  • Widgets and Shortcodes as ESI blocks* (requires Classic Widgets plugin for WP 5.8+)

Price: LiteSpeed Cache Is completely free but it need a LiteSpeed Webserver on your server & also enabled LSCWP. LiteSpeed Cache is fully compatible with the server-level caching on Hostever. So if you want to take advantage of all the optimization features that LiteSpeed has to offer, you can do so.

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2. WP Rocket – The World’s Best WordPress Caching Plugin?

WP Rocket is a WordPress caching plugin that is not only the best but also one of the simplest plugins to install and configure.

WP Rocket is a WordPress caching plugin that is not only the best but also one of the simplest plugins to install and configure.

WP Rocket installs in minutes, has easy-to-use settings, and offers an intuitive user interface. All this makes WP Rocket a perfect fit for any WordPress site, regardless of size or complexity.

WP Rocket Plugin Review:

WP Rocket is a caching plugin for WordPress that speeds up your site significantly. It is compatible with any WordPress theme and it offers a variety of options to customize your cache settings. WP Rocket offers a 30 day money back guarantee, so you can try it out without any risk.

Wp Rocket is a powerful plugin that has many features to enhance the performance and security of your WordPress site. It comes with an advanced cache system, CDN integration, and page compression tools. In addition to that, the plugin includes multiple security features such as an anti-spam firewall and a brute force protection mechanism to fend off attacks from bots.

Key features:

  • WP Rocket is a developer-friendly caching plugin that provides an easy to use dashboard.
  • The setup is extremely simple for all users.
  • Database optimization is included for cleaning up your WordPress database and removing the number of resources being used. Database optimization is also included for cleaning up your WordPress database. This will remove the number of resources being used to keep the database running smoothly.
  • Using WP Rocket you can lazy load your media. This means that the images don’t load on the website until the user scrolls over them. So, if they are not in view, the server doesn’t have to do as much work.
  • CloudFlare compatibility is provided to speed up your site even more
  • WP Rocket is a powerful speed optimization plugin that integrates with the best multilingual plugins on the market.
  • Multisite Manageable compatibility is available with the plugin.
  • You can anytime preload the cache.
  • You will be able to minify and concatenate content to make the best use of it. One unique feature involves the optimization of Google Fonts. I’ve yet to see this on any of the other caching plugins I’ve used.
  • It has object caching support.
  • WP Rocket is fully compatible with the server-level caching on Hostever. So if you want to take advantage of all the optimization features that WP Rocket has to offer, you can do so.

Cost: The price of WP Rocket ranges from $39.99 to $119.95. The cheaper packages are for smaller websites, while the more expensive packages are for larger websites with more traffic.

3. WP Super Cache – A Solid But Basic WordPress Cache Plugin

WP Super Cache is a solid but basic WordPress cache plugin. It is a plugin that works with most caching plugins and it can be installed and configured in just a few minutes.

WP Super Cache is an open source plugin that was developed by Donncha O’Caoimh. It was originally released on November, 2008. The plugin caches the generated pages for your WordPress site, which speeds up the loading time of your site significantly.

The WP Super Cache plugin has been downloaded over 4 million times from the WordPress repository and has received over 1 million active installs from users around the world.

WP Super Cache is a free WordPress plugin that helps you significantly improve the speed of your site by caching the pages on your website. It’s a simple, but powerful plugin that can be used to increase performance and reduce server load.

There are three main ways WP Super Cache can help with page load times:

– Compression: it reduces the size of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS files so they take up less space when they are downloaded to the browser

– Caching: it stores copies of pages in memory – which means they don’t need to be parsed or processed each time they are viewed – this can save a lot of time for busy sites with

WP Super Cache Plugin Review:

WP Super Cache is a WordPress plugin that caches the content on your site, so that it loads faster. It does this by storing the content in the browser’s cache, and then serving it up to anyone who visits your site. WP Super Cache is one of the most popular plugins in WordPress.

In this article, we will explore WP Super Cache WordPress Plugin Review and its features.

We will also talk about how you can use WP Super Cache to improve your website’s performance and make it load faster for visitors.

This plugin is a must-have for any WordPress site owner who wants their visitors to have an enjoyable experience on their site!

Key features:

  • Exclude the specific content from being cached
  • Build in Integrate with a CDN
  • Has Build in cache preloading functionality
  • Can use for browser caching configuration.
  • Configure other smaller settings

Cost: This is a free plugin that helps you significantly improve the speed of your site by caching the pages on your website.

4. W3 Total Cache – A Powerful But Complex Wordpres Plugin

W3 Total Cache is a free and open-source WordPress plugin that is used to increase the speed of a WordPress website by storing its content in a high-speed cache. This plugin utilizes caching techniques to reduce load times by storing the generated markup from an HTML page in a high-speed cache so that it doesn’t have to be regenerated each time it’s requested.

The W3 Total Cache plugin is powerful and widely used. It’s a plugin for the Apache Web Server, that can be configured in many ways. It can also be difficult to set up and configure,

W3 Total Cache Plugin Review:

This plugin is one of the most popular caching plugins for WordPress. It can be used to cache a page or post, as well as its associated database queries. This plugin is really easy to use and it provides a lot of features which can be configured by the user.

-It has an option to do a full page cache or only the posts or pages that are updated and it also has an option for minification, GZIP compression, browser cache compatibility and more.

-The plugin also provides different caching methods such as Disk Cache (which stores files on your hard drive), Memory Cache (which stores files in memory) and Database Cache (which stores data in a database).

-It also provides different ways to clear caches such as manually clearing all caches, clearing specific caches,

Key features:

  • Exclude specific content from being cached
  • Integrate with a CDN
  • Enable cache preloading functionality
  • Add browser caching
  • WP Super Cache has been around in the WordPress world for many years now and it’s earned a reputation as one of the best caching plugins. Get it with confidence and enjoy excellent website performance.
  • It’s a free, open source, plugin from Automattic. Which means updates will come out regularly and the plugin is not going to go away anytime soon.
  • The backend interface is user-friendly and easy to configure.
  • The plugin clears out old files from the cache to ensure your site’s speed doesn’t suffer.
  • WP Super Cache is a caching plugin that has an integrated CDN for better distribution of your site’s files
  • You can choose between three caching modes: simple, intermediate and supercaching. The mode you choose can depend on your skill level, as the simplistic option is best for average users while the advanced mode is ideal for power users.
  • The plugin allows the cache to rebuild instead of being cleared. This saves your blog from constant reloads and delivers a page to other users without any delay.

Cost: It’s totally free WordPress plugin you can install it from WordPress directory.

5. WP Fastest Cache – The fastest and easiest WordPress cache plugin

WP Fastest Cache is a WordPress plugin that speeds up your site by caching the pages you visit the most. It stores a copy of your page in a cache folder on your computer so that it doesn’t have to be re-generated every time you visit it.

WP Fastest Cache is free and can be installed and activated in just a few seconds. It works on any WordPress site, regardless of its size or content.

The plugin can significantly speed up the loading times for your website, which will improve user experience and reduce bounce rates.

WP Fastest Cache Plugin Review

WP Fastest Cache is a WordPress plugin that speeds up your website by storing pages in the browser’s cache. It also optimizes images, JavaScript files and CSS stylesheets can be used to reduce the time it takes for web pages to load. The plugin also helps make sites faster by reducing HTTP requests, increasing compression of images, and providing a fast browsing experience with less plugins running in the background.

WP Fastest Cache Plugin is a leading WordPress caching plugin that can significantly decrease load times and increase your WordPress site’s performance. It’s easy to install and comes with a variety of settings to personalize caching for your needs.

Key features:

  • This enables you to shrink code, thereby reducing download times and speeding up rendering.
  • Has GZIP compression system
  • Browser caching Support
  • Cache preload – Normally, your website only generates the cache version of a page after a person first visits. Preloading lets you create the cache without waiting for a visit.
  • The Premium version is useful for sites that need better performance, but the Free version usually performs better than competing products.
  • The Settings page is very straightforward. It includes a list of all available settings and some brief descriptions, making it easy for you to find the one that you need.
  • To upgrade to WordPress Premium, go to the dashboard and click “Upgrade” without downloading a new plugin.
  • You can combine and minify CSS and JavaScript files to reduce their size in bytes. Doing that will help your website load more quickly.
  • CDN integrations are possible with a minimal amount of configuration.
  • Image optimization can be handled separately from caching. This means that you’re able to see precisely how much space you’ve saved with one of your biggest resource hogs.
  • The website offers the option to only serve a version of the page that has been cached in advance for mobile devices. It is also possible to generate an entirely new cache (which would only be visible on a mobile device).

Cost: Staring from free, It’s have more 3 more premium packages, which is 49.99, 125.00, 175.00 $.

WordPress Cache plugin Guide Conclusion and Recommendations.

In this article, we have discussed about WordPress Cache plugin and how it can be used to speed up your website. We have discussed how the plugin works and why you should consider installing and configuring it on your WordPress website. We also talked about the benefits of using this plugin as well as some of its features.

We test a site from our server with all mentioned plugins:

No Caching Plugin5.725 s
LiteSpeed Cache1.313 s
WP Rocket1.610 s
WP Super Cache2.355 s
W3 Total Cache2.139 s
Wp Fastest Cache2.359 s

So what will be better for you?

We recommend LiteSpeed Cache Plugin for your site with our hosting because it is the better alternative of wp-rocket which one is premium. And this plugin works from the server caching system, which is much more effective than any other cache plugin. So why don’t use LiteSpeed Cache?

You can also use wp-rocket for your site on apache or ngnix webserver. But as it’s premium plugin so you have to buy it. In this case also use WP Super Cache for your site, So, The winner is LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress caching.