Run Your Domain Reseller Business

Run Your Domain Reseller Business

Make money creating domain reseller account: Becoming a domain reseller, get an opportunity to give a first offer Domain Name Registration to your expectable clients. Yes, hostever.com provides a domain reseller plan to you who want to enhance their full-time web-hosting company.

Our program provides some great businesses within a single platform. From here, you can sell a range of products such as the Domain, hosting, server, email, and much more. It can be a great idea to make money with less investment.

This domain reseller program will save your investment on every Domain Registration and also Renewal. This facility helps you to capture your customer’s attention.

In fact, you can start your domain reseller journey with our excellent offers. You also will grow your business with other web services such as web design & development programs.

What is the reseller web hosting service?

Reseller web hosting is a white label hosting that allows you to make your web-hosting business without investment to maintain server, software, and site map. Domain reseller business is perfect for a freelancer or other agencies that have already web design or development with other service businesses. With reseller hosting, the clients can purchase and host their sites through you as though you are the real hosting company.

How much can you earn?

You can make money by becoming a domain reseller. Through this service, you may promote your brand and can receive ongoing income from your desirable clients. You also can offer your other service with this domain hosting service. WHMCS is software that needs comprehensive client management, and it includes the code for the host domain reseller program.

Why you choose us?

Hostever Domain Reseller plan gives you complete control over each aspect of your web hosting business. This plan works from reserve terms to payment processes with other additional services. You can select them to provide your clients, such as Domain and SSL certificates.

WHM permits you to make cPanels for every client. WHMCS will support to make easy the billing aspect of your reseller web hosting business.

Our supports:

1. Powerful tools:

Our web-hosting program contains WHM, billing software, and other options that you need.

2. Flexibility:

You can control of the overall reserve distribution and it’ll the best fit that your clients need.

3. Scalability:

It is free and easy to upgrade and also essential to increase your business.

Get the features

1. Domain:

If you have a web hosting or web design and development service, you also can offer 500+ existing domain extensions. Enhance your margin by providing Premium Domain names such as as.COM, .NET, ORG, and even LTD. You can offer the right LTD to each customer and help them to boost their brands’ identities.

2. Hosting plus server:

You can select a hosting to resell from our great offer, including Shared, Dedicated Reseller, Cloud, and VPS. Without all those facilities, you can offer CMS-based web-hosting solutions such as Magento, Joomla, and also Drupal.

3. Email service:

Email is an easy way to provide business or service. If your customers want, you can select a large number of email accounts. Our email service allows simple association plus will protect from all types of cyber threats.

4. Themes with plugins:

Offer your customers an extensive series with well-designed themes. It helps their website be prominent. Our domain reseller plan offers 500+ well-designed themes for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and so more websites. You can also provide SEO service, social media service, email marketing service, and other essential plugins to your customer.

5. Add-ons:

Get add-ons security and protect your customer’s site. We provide some important security as SiteLock Security with an SSL certificate that saves the websites from a variety of security threats. These add-ons offer good security for all the top-secret data on the entire customer’s websites. We provide CodeGuard website backup that you can use to take a backup of your customer’s website if they lost any vital information.

More Features

What are our more features in the domain reseller program?

  • 100% white-labeled plans so that your clients won’t realize that we involve.
  • You can select the domain price to minimize the profit margins of your company.
  • Using our WHMCS registration, you can add your available domain reseller business.

Other benefits

Some other benefits are that it helps you to become a successful domain reseller.

  • You can get access automatically to introduce your all new products in our marketplace.
  • Register and renew the domains when your customer needs it.
  • Capture your new customer through this domain reseller program.
  • Grow your business product.
  • Save the cost for registration and Renewal of every Domain.
  • You can make your profit margin and decide how much can you escape from the items under the domain reseller plans.
  • This advantages program acts as a one-stop solution for your entire customer’s necessities.
  • You will get a free Storefront with several selling options and payment methods with the plans.
  • Use our bendy and robust domain cPanel with vast tools.
  • Our scalable and secure managed DNS system works for keeping the customer’s site online.
  • Complete combination with computerization via WHMCS
  • Self-service access for your clients to handle all their domains.

Enhance your service portfolio

You can enhance your service portfolio by becoming a domain reseller. This can assist you in providing the best service to your customers as we will register and also renew their domain name when they want.

Make business credibility

Codeforhost Domain reseller program will brand your service name and logo. It’ll help you to make your business credibility by giving you an extra avenue to sponsor your business.

Easy payment method

Deposit the right payment to code for host account from anywhere in Bangladesh or can pay online or use your Paypal account.

Now, you are ready to become a domain web-hosting provider walking with the hostever.com domain reseller program and then watch your web-hosting business grow globally.

Feel free to contact us and sign up today to set up the Domain Reseller Account, becoming a Domain Name registration provider.