Top 10 DirectAdmin Web Hosting Provider In World

Top 10 DirectAdmin Web Hosting Provider In Bangladesh

We all know, After the cPanel, the best hosting control panel currently available is Direct Admin. The reason is that there is a very nice user interface which also has almost all the features of the cPanel. That’s why it’s a good alternative to cPanel.

Now day Directadmin (DA) is by far the clearest and simplest control panel for web hosting with many features, DirectAdmin makes it easy to manage your websites, DNS, email accounts, databases, and more things.

It’s very simple but extremely powerful to handle all system tasks in a few clicks. DirectAdmin is programmed to be the fastest than other web hosting control panel.

top 10 hosting providers are started to use DirectAdmin after increase the pricing of cPanel. Here is the list of the best Directadmin (DA) hosting providers to create this list today. Hope this helps you.

  1. Code For Host, Inchttps://portal.hostever.com/cart.php?gid=15

  2. HostMight – https://hostmight.com/directadmin-web-hosting.html

  3. ExonHost – Under development

  4. cyberdeveloperbd – underdevelopment

  5. MyServer – https://myserver.com.bd/dareseller_hosting

  6. EXELNODE – Underdevelopment

  7. LinkHost BD – https://www.linkhostbd.com/regular-hosting/

    more coming soon…

DirectAdmin is the 3rd largest hosting control panel according to the Wappalyzer report., and Out of Oakley Capital, DA is the number one.