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Choosing the best Web Hosting is the first step of success. If your hosting isn’t right, then there is no other way without regrets. So choose a reliable hosting partner and go ahead a step of success. We, ‘the web hosting company in Bangladesh” proud to deliver the best uptime, site performance, support, and security system to you.

Choose any package from us that you feel the best one for you for your business. And, we are confident that no one won’t regret after using our hosting service.

We use to provide the fastest and latest hosting by our fastest server and uses it to provide Linux Shared Hosting, Windows ASP.NET Hosting, Windows Reseller Hosting and Linux Reseller Hosting in Bangladesh.

We use to load fast our servers more lightly which gives space to breathe the hosting while it’s so busy to run so complicated script. And we always use to optimize our servers so you won’t face any problems with hosting issues.

We don’t know that any other Web Hosting Bangladesh Providers do it or not, but we’re proud to do it!

Are you the Best Web Hosting Provider in Bangladesh?

At first, a customer should understand the definition of a good Hosting. And it’s essential for a customer also to know. Because if a user knows the best description to choose a hosting so he won’t regret later for using hosing. And he can choose the hosting by himself.

web hosting company in bangladesh

Point of Best Web Hosting:

  1. The Best Web Hosting definition is that a hosting provider provides support. No matter if day or night 24 hours in all the day in a week.
    2. A hosting that has a good percentage of Uptime
    3.    A reliable site performance that helps to load speedy a website
    4.    Hosting providers use to provide security so your site can be safe for you.
    5.    Uses to Back up your website contents.

The above points are significant when we are choosing the best web hosting in Bangladesh. But if one end is missing, so it’s waste to take the service. But, we always love to provide our services including those above points. Our hosting services based on your demand. We still use to think that how can our customers can be satisfied with our services. That’s why

And Guarantee to delivery our customers the best faster performance, 99.999% uptime, support, security, and backup (according to your requirement). The cPanel free with our hosting service and it should be. We use to provide Softaculous so you can install your favorite platform just pressing an Install Button only. And every features included in the cPanel section.

We, the web hosting company in Bangladesh have our anti-system to removing malware and for that no chances to hack your data information anyhow. And they’re 100% safe to us. We also backup your data and discuss more of our backup system below.

Server Optimization System

It’s a benefit point for a user. It makes our server faster and more secure.

Our Linux Server uses the last version of cPanel and Cloud Linux. So a user can get all the latest features and running a website can be easy for him. And, always keep our server clean and safe by scanning malware. For that, the server won’t have the problem of getting slower, and it will get faster by scanning and cleaning.

And also for stopping any undesired attack, we enabled our firewall and kept updated them. Also, 0ur malware scanning tools help us to figure out any malware. We scan every file by using the malware scanning tool and use to remove them immediately. And our security commitment to your security.

For our user convenience, essential SEO Plugins, one-click apps Installer, etc. have been included. On Control Panel alias cPanel, there is everything ready for a customer. Use cPanel and development your website and give shape or design as you want through our cPanel.

We have a 2-level backup system for protecting our users Data. The first layer has stored on the backup sheet set on the server and Second level backups have stored on another remote server. Therefore, we guarantee 100% of customer data protection.

That’s how the Web Hosting Bangladesh Providers, nope, not only Bangladeshi providers, and instead all providers follow all those methods to Optimize their server as like us. But all can’t be the best because of their Software weakness, Hardware weakness and also for some time server weakness.

Backup Support

Note that, Backup is significant while you’re running a website for your business. We save backups for the last five days. Site-specific backups have restored concerning the user.

Web Hosting Bangladesh

But if it bothers you so, you can do this by yourself. Few steps are available for a user to back up their data information.

  1. Create Backup on cPanel
    2. Install any backup plugins
    3.    Visit the Tools option and generate backup files that you want (WordPress only).
Instruction for Backup Data

A user can manually backup data by himself. For backup, need to follow some methods and do as we use to say step by step.

  1. At the first of all, Login Control Panel or cPanel.
    2. On the file section, press on “Backup Wizard.”
    3.    There you can see an option “Backup” on the bottom and click on there
    4.    Select the Full Backup option
    5.    Now select your destination Backup file, “Home Directory” and use a mail ID where you want to the copy of your backup file and press on “Generate Backup.”

Following these above methods, you can back up any files that you want by yourself. Otherwise, read the blog where you can have the solution How to Create Backups in cPanel.

Hosting Server Uptime

Be careful about it before you take any hosting services from Web Hosting Bangladesh providers. Check if they are providing you uptime at least 99.999%.

But the question is that what is uptime? According to Wikipedia, uptime is the percentage of the computer system. And it represents the system reliability, expressing a machine to time and a computer that has been working and availability. Uptime 99.999% is code that explains a ratio of availability.

And you can see that on the below chart.
Availability %Downtime per DayDowntime per weekDowntime per monthDowntime per year
90% (“One Nine”)2.4 Hours16.8 Hours72 Hours36.5 Days
99% (“Two nine”)14.4 Minutes1.68 Hours7.2 Hours3.65 Days
99.9% (“Three nine”)1.44 Minutes10.1 Minutes43.8 Minutes8.76 Hours
99.99% (“FOUR nine”)8.66 Seconds1.01 Minutes4.38 Minutes52.56 Minutes
99.999% (“five Nine”)864.3 Milliseconds6.05 Seconds25.9 Seconds5.26 Minutes
99.9999% (“six Nine”)86.4 Milliseconds604.8 Milliseconds2.59 Seconds31.5 Seconds
99.99999% (“seven Nine”)8.64 Milliseconds60.48 Milliseconds262.97 Seconds3.15 Seconds
99.999999% (“eight nine”)0.864 Milliseconds6.048 Milliseconds26.297 Seconds315.569 Milliseconds
99.9999999% (“NINE Nine”)0.0864 Milliseconds0.6048 Milliseconds2.6297 Seconds31.5569 Milliseconds

For this uptime issues, a server goes down per day, per week, month and year and you can see that on the chart above. And the time calculated using, “Day, Hour, Minutes, Seconds and Milliseconds.” But for now, we use to provide you “FIVE NINE – 99.999%.” where the servers go down 5.26 Minutes per year, 25.9 Seconds per month, 6.05 seconds per week and, 864.3 Milliseconds per Day.

Support System

Note: Contact with us, the Web Hosting Bangladesh providers anytime with your issue.

Contact us if you’re looking for any kind of information or having issues. Our Live Chat is open 24 hours a day and seven days a week. We use to provide our support system by phone call also. Call us anytime on +880 1727-434411, +880 1714-716633 on this number. And one of our support people will take care of your all issues. Ask him every issue, and he will help you to solve out every problem with your site issue.

Or other things that you’re looking. Otherwise, you can also contact one of our support people via Email. Email us anytime with your issues on support@hostever.com. One of our support people will reply in our 24-hour business day.

Another option is to submit a ticket with your issues after login.


Choose the best hosting for yourself by running a website better. Choosing the best hosting means that you are one step ahead of your success in Business. And based on your demand we made some services for you. Get the knowledge of the best hosting definition, and for that, you can try us also. We always optimize our server and upgrade and use it to take security seriously. We have our anti-system to secure our data and scanning and removing malware immediately.

Code for Host brings the best Web Hosting Bangladesh services only for our customers based on their demand. Your satisfaction is our priority. We always care about you and inform us know if you’re facing any kind of problem. After using our hosting service. Then we will fix that immediately.

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