What is E commerce Hosting Best E commerce Hosting in Bangladesh

What is E-commerce Hosting | Best E-commerce Hosting in Bangladesh

Are you looking for the best e-commerce hosting in Bangladesh to start an e-commerce business? Nowadays, the e-commerce business is trendy. Most people in Bangladesh are involved in this trade. 

However, you need quality hosting for your e-commerce website. But people get influenced by different companies tempting offers and fail to buy quality hosting.  As a result, there is a high possibility to fail the e-commerce business. 

Thus, you shouldn’t get influenced by tempting offers. You have to focus to buy the best quality hosting to boost your e-commerce business.

In other words, you have to take a lightweight hosting. Because it gives the best experience to your users. Most people don’t know which is the best eCommerce Hosting. Without knowing the best e-commerce hosting, you cannot start your e-commerce business.

In this article, I will reveal which is the perfect hosting for your e-commerce business. Besides, you’ll know the best hosting for WordPress e-commerce websites. So, let’s dive into our journey: 


What is the E-commerce Hosting 

Before you know e-commerce hosting, you have to understand what e-commerce is. E-commerce is known as electronic commerce. To clarify, it means buying or selling products or services through the internet. When you purchase any product online through a website, it is called e-commerce.

However, you need a website if you want to do e-commerce business. Therefore, you need hosting to manage your website. Hosting means where your website is. You can also compare hosting with a physical store.

E-commerce hosting means the place where your e-commerce website is on the internet. In hosting, you can add your product or service. To clarify, the domain refers to the name, and hosting is the place. 


Importance of a Website for E-commerce

A website for e-commerce is essential. However, do you know why a website is necessary for e-commerce? There is uncountable importance. So, let’s check some importance of a website for e-commerce:  

1. Establish and Broaden your Brand

Making your brand establish and broaden is very challenging for every business. You can also brand an e-commerce business website through attractive design. Besides, you can earn good customer relations and establish your brand. So, you can quickly establish and broaden your brand. 

2. Open All Hours

In an e-commerce business, the website is like your shop. Everyone will come here to buy their desired products. However, the most significant advantage is you can open your shop 24/7. So, you can engage your clients easily. 

3. Learn More About your Audience

If you have an e-commerce website, you can easily understand your customer. You can quickly know which place your customers come from and their language. You will also know their product interest. Because you can easily do this research through the website.

4. Marketing and Retargeting through Social Media and Search Engine

You must do proper marketing for your business. In other words, you can do marketing in social media and search engine optimization. The great advantage of having a website is retargeting the audience. However, you can add pixels and retarget customers in social media who come to your website at one time. 

5. Make your own Rules

If you have a website, you can add some rules for your website. Rules like:

  • Add product photo in a different place
  • Add layout and navigation
  • Tell companies story
  • Add perfect call to action button
  • Add blog


Which Type of Domain Do You Need for E-commerce

Domain means the name of your shop. For example, hostever.com is a domain name. However, there are many types of domain names. But every domain is not suitable for e-commerce business. It would be great if you had a quality domain name for your business. 

Moreover, the (.com) domain is trendy for every purpose. If it is available for your desired name, don’t waste time. You have to buy the (.com) domain. Otherwise, you can take .net, .online, .shop, .uk. But if your business is conducted in Bangladesh, then (.com.bd) might be the best choice for you.

Domain names can increase your brand loyalty. These types of domains can attract people. And also achieved customer loyalty. So, take a perfect domain name to establish your brand.


Which is the Best Hosting for E-commerce

If you want to do an e-commerce business, you must have a website. Hosting is also mandatory for your e-commerce website. However, you need the best e-commerce hosting for your e-commerce business. So, you must purchase the best features package for hosting your site. Before you know what kind of package you need, you have to know what features are needed for an e-commerce site. 

First, decide how many products you want to upload to your website. If you have 100 products, then 2 GB is enough. But if you have more than 100 products up to 1000 products, then 5 GB will be required. However, I prefer to buy 5 GB of hosting. Because your product will grow over time. And this 5 GB gives a better experience for your customer. 

You must focus on other essential elements. Also included are WordPress optimized, LS cached, DNS zone editor, PHP, MY SQL, Perl. Unlimited MY SQL database is preferable. And also take shell access.

Moreover, you need an unlimited Addon domain, unlimited email account, unlimited subdomain, and unlimited FTP account. You also need a 2 GB managed ram with a 2 core 120% CPU limit. Besides, you must have the C panel and a lifetime free SSL certificate. And also, check there are three-layer secure data backups. 

However, if you have the features above in your hosting, then you must purchase the hosting. Other hosting except this feature will not be suitable for you. Because your target is e-commerce hosting for your e-commerce business. 

However, if your customer comes to your website and the speed gets down, they will be annoyed. So, you must have a goal to give your customers a better experience on your website. 

Needless to say, every company doesn’t provide these massive features. However, you can purchase the Advanced Linux shared hosting from Hostever. Because you will get all features in this package. 

However, you have to purchase a 5 GB pack to get these features. That must say, it is the best Hosting in Bangladesh for e-commerce businesses. Because this package gives you the best experience for the e-commerce industry. 


Which is the Best Hosting for WordPress E-commerce Website

WordPress is a famous LMS system. Nowadays, WordPress is very popular for creating websites. Because the problem of coding doesn’t exist anymore. You can create websites with themes and plugins. 

However, you can easily create websites through drag and drop. You can also make every type of website through WordPress. You can create even e-commerce websites with this WordPress. 

Moreover, if you want to make your e-commerce website, then WordPress is the best platform. Therefore, you need the best hosting for WordPress e-commerce websites. Any type of hosting is suitable for WordPress. But if you need a good speed and not hackable with more advantages, you have to need lightspeed server hosting.

However, Advance Linux Shared hosting is the best hosting for WordPress e-commerce websites. Here, you can take all the features and advantages of WordPress. All types of securities are available in this hosting. Besides, it is a USA server located.  So, Advance Linux Shared hosting is best for your e-commerce journey worldwide. 


Why You Should Choice BDIX Hosting for E-commerce in Bangladesh

BDIX’s whole meaning is Bangladesh Internet Exchange. In other words, the Bangladeshi hosting server or network is known as BDIX hosting. The main advantage of this hosting is Bangladeshi users will get 200 times or more speed. Bangladeshi users do not have the problem of International routing. It can access them directly

In e-commerce, speed is one of the critical factors. If your targeted audiences are from Bangladesh, the BDIX hosting is best for you. Because you can get high speed from here. Besides, you don’t face any lagging or hanging issues. As a Bangladeshi user, BDIX hosting is best for you.



1. What type of hosting is best for e-commerce?

There are many types of hosting. But all hosting is not suitable for e-commerce. Advanced Linux shared hosting is the best choice for e-commerce.

2. How much RAM do I need for an eCommerce website?

You need dedicated RAM for e-commerce. At least 2GB RAM is best for an e-commerce website. Otherwise, your work will be hampered. 

3. Is WordPress suitable for creating e-commerce websites?

Yes, WordPress is suitable for creating an e-commerce website. You can make a website drag and drop. 

4. Why is BDIX hosting the best?

If your e-commerce business is held in Bangladesh, then BDIX hosting is preferable. It is best for Bangladeshi users. So, you will get 200x speed if your site is hosted in BDIX hosting. 


Final Verdict

Hope you understand about e-commerce hosting. However, it is essential for your e-commerce business. You need lightweight hosting for your e-commerce business. Besides, if you conduct your business in Bangladesh, you must host your site on BDIX hosting.

After reading this article, now you know the best e-commerce hosting in Bangladesh. Moreover, you know the best domain type and best hosting package. So, the article is the best as a hosting guide.