Why You Shouldnt Use the Jetpack Plugin

Why You Shouldn’t Use the Jetpack Plugin and What You Should Do Instead


WordPress Plugins are an essential element for the WordPress user. In other words, you have to use plugins to run a website through WordPress.

However, you can find numerous WordPress plugins online. Some are free, and some are paid. But every plugin isn’t adequate for you. Some plugins can hamper your website.

Similarly, Jetpack is a free WordPress plugin. Many people use this plugin on their WordPress websites. But it is a bad idea to use this plugin on your website.

Because there are many problems with these plugins, I suggest you should not use this plugin.

But why shouldn’t you use the Jetpack plugin, and what should you do instead?

Don’t worry. I will explain the Jetpack plugin problems and Jetpack alternatives in this article. So, let’s dive into the details.

What is Jetpack?

Jetpack is a free WordPress plugin. However, it offers a few paid services, for instance, VideoPress, Anti-spam, Backup, Security, etc.

Multitasking is also possible with this application. You can do image compression, backup, connect with Google through Jetpack.

However, you will find a lot of similar WordPress plugins. But Jetpack is different. That must say, it is applicable for both WordPress.com and WordPress.org. It is also helpful for many crucial tasks.

On the other hand, it has a lot of disadvantages. That’s why I prefer to use the Jetpack alternatives to get the best result.

Why You Should NOT Use the Jetpack Plugin For Your WordPress Website

There are many plugins in WordPress, and people use plugins for their own needs. Jetpack is also a WordPress plugin. So, most people use Jetpack for their WordPress websites.

After that, most users find a terrible user experience. Because Jetpack has a lot of bugs and lots of problems, it can also destroy your website.

So, you shouldn’t use Jetpack. At this point, I will explain some more reasons why you should not use Jetpack. Let’s learn about this.

1. WordPress.com connection is necessary

You cannot use jetpack in wordpress.org. It would be best if you connected this to wordpress.com. However, it is a significant barrier. Because most people are using wordpreess.org.

So, you have to connect your website to wordpress.com. Then, you can go to the further process to use the Jetpack plugin.

2. Plugin Conflicts

Jetpack can cause conflicts with other plugins, which can lead to all sorts of problems. This can even cause you to lose your website.

It has also been known to cause problems with WordPress themes and plugins. It may disable some features in WordPress that you may be using. As a result, it can lead to problems.

3. Break the website

Using the Jetpack plugin has been known to “break” some websites. This is because Jetpack does not check for updates before installing them, which could lead to problems.

So, it can also lead to problems with other plugins or themes you may be using and their settings.

4. Major Privacy Issue

Before using the jetpack, try to read the privacy and policy of the jetpack. Because privacy is one of the critical parts of your website and plugin.

But there is a significant privacy issue with the jetpack. That can damage your website. So, be aware of the jetpack and try not to use the jetpack.

5. Many features are in the individual modules

There are lots of modules in the jetpack. After that, every module has a lot of features. But some parts are beyond basic functionality.

However, Jetpack mainly offers two types of content, testimonials and portfolios. But the problem is it has not the custom field for capturing a lot of information. So, many features are not helpful for your WordPress websites.

6. Bad User Experience

Jetpack user experience is not satisfactory. Mainly its admin screen is illogical. And it cannot give you an elegant and user-friendly dashboard. Jetpack’s dashboard is very complex to use. The important thing is that its users are not satisfied.

7. Unhealthy Combination

Jetpack is made with an unhealthy combination. There are a lot of features. But many of the features are not usable.

Because it is combined with some nonsense features that cannot help the developers. It is not a role model for WordPress developers.

8. Plugin Suite

Users know the jetpack as a single. But this is not a single plugin. However, it is a plugin suite. And that’s why this is a very unhealthy combination. I know you think that’s why I say this is bad.

Mainly its developers made a mistake when they made plugins one by one. It is not optimized correctly. So, the plugin suite is not helpful for users.

Top 3 Crucial Reasons Not to Use the Jetpack Plugin

You already know why you should not use the Jetpack Plugin. However, I will mention the top 3 crucial reasons not to use the Jetpack to help you make a decision. So, let’s get started.

1. Damage Your Site

It has lots of problems and bugs in Jetpack. However, there is a spamming risk in the Jetpack. And if the virus attacks your website, damage it day by day. It is worth mentioning that a website is one of the considerable assets in this era.

2. Speed problem

Loading speed is one of the critical factors for a WordPress website. It is good if your website’s loading speed is less than 3 seconds. But more than 3 seconds is horrible. As a result, it can drop your audience and hamper your SEO.

Jetpack can do this speed problem. Because there are lots of features and it is a plugin suite. So, it can make a heavy to your website.

3. Inaccurate Stats

Jetpack tries to give stats for its users. It pulls the data from Google Analytics. But unfortunately, all the data are not accurate in Jetpacks. If you want to take Jetpack data, it is a bad idea.

However, you can take an idea from its stats. But data is essential, so if the stat is wrong, you cannot analyze your information correctly.

Now, why should you use Jetpack?

I’ve explained every crucial problem of Jetpack. So, it’s your decision now. You can take a risk or avoid risk. But using a jetpack is not a risk. It is destroying decisions.

Alternatives to JetPack that Won’t Be a Time Sink

There is a lot of alternative to Jetpack. If you are a Jetpack user, then quickly change this. Because it can damage your website day by day. So, let’s learn some alternatives to Jetpack.

  1. WPForms
  2. Updraft Plus
  3. Cloud Fare
  4. Envira Gallery
  5. Brave Builder
  6. Yoast SEO
  7. Google Analytics
  8. Envira Gallery
  10. Monster Insights

You can use different plugins according to your needs as a Jetpack alternative.

Conclusion and Summary of Ideas

Now, it’s time to summarize the article on why not to use the Jetpack plugin. A plugin is a key element in WordPress. It will help to optimize, analyze and customize your website.

However, you have to keep in mind what is good and bad for your website. After reading the article, you already have an idea about what type of damage a Jetpack plugin can do.

So, it is high time to avoid Jetpack and use Jetpack alternatives to get the best result. If you still have queries, please share them in the comment section. I’ll get back to you soon.