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Best Windows/Asp.Net Hosting Bangladesh in 2020

Windows / asp.net hosting Bangladesh:

windwos / asp.net hosting bangladesh

Windows / asp.net Hosting Bangladesh If you want to run and maintain a website without any hassle, you have to choose a type of hosting package for your website. It’s a tricky part. Because you have a domain name, right? But in this case, you have to select a perfect infrastructure such as a Linux or Windows server. The main factor is that both have a strong reputation for a long time but you have to choose a perfect one, which is easy for you to handle.

A wrong selection can affect you badly. The best web hosting provider understands your needs. Look out for the low-cost windows hosting provider in Bangladesh “Code For Host”. We have many strong VPS/Dedicated servers and distributes multi-server hosting environment with dedicated primary and secondary name servers. Our licensing agreement with Microsoft makes it possible to implement new windows hosting technology as it becomes available.

We are here to give you the best Windows / asp.net web hosting at affordable prices. We believe consumer satisfaction, not only making money. You can get world-class virtual private server hosting without facing any difficulties.

Why Windows hosting is so popular?

Easy to use:

You know, windows have excellent User Interface (UI). Also, this operating system is fast, reliable, secure with an impressive software ecosystem. Includes some of the best web applications that we cannot go without using a single day.

It offers a one-click easy installation of popular apps like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, PrestaShop, phpBB and more in web hosting platforms.

Windows server hasn’t any cPanel but has a stunning and effective control panel known as “Plesk”. It makes easy to view your website status, create email accounts, tweak settings, etc. It also supports Docker, Git, and several advanced security extensions.

Linux will require you to learn how to use the command line. Learning to integrate multiple pieces of software via the command line can be a challenge for beginners. Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) are beginner-friendly, so accessing and managing your windows hosting server is quite easy.

So take advantage of Microsoft Technologies, it can deliver a great service for a surprisingly low price. Constantly updating the OS makes it a good option for operating in a complex IT environment.

Business Environment: Business Environment hosting

If you are familiar with a corporate environment, it’s a perfect match for you, as it developed with Microsoft ASP.NET and MS SQL technologies.

Software Compatibility:

Windows hosting provide compatibility to use all Windows-based programs and software, including:

  • NET
  • NET Core
  • Microsoft SQL Server (MSSQL)
  • Crystal Reports
  • Visual Basic Development
  • C#
  • Microsoft RDLC Report
  • MS Exchange
  • Microsoft SharePoint

Benefits of Windows Hosting:

  • User-Friendly
  • Easily Manageable
  • Frequent and Easy Updates
  • Scripting Languages like ASP, ASP.NET, Visual Basic and C#
  • Ensures the safety

What do you get from us?What do you windwos hosting get from us?

Here is a shortlist that ensures high-quality services. You are going to have all of these great features after chose us as a Windows Hosting Provider.

  • Guaranteed 99.9% uptime
  • Come with .NET, PHP, MSSQl and MySQL Databases
  • Support CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and more
  • Custom hosting plans according to client’s requirements
  • No extra payments, such as hidden cost and Setup fee
  • FREE Control Panel, Database Manager, Add-on, and more
  • 24/7 Support via Phone/Email/Chat
  • FREE website builder and Email utility tools
  • Tier-4 Data-center with cutting edge technology
  • 6-phase server security


Windows/Asp.Net Hosting:

Windows/Asp.Net Hosting

Tech giant Microsoft develops the ASP.NET Web application framework that enables programmers to build dynamic websites, services, and applications. Many awesome features come from open source community as Microsoft announces it as an open-source in November 2014.

Mainly it provides an environment that enables developers to use less code to get the job done. It gives you the power to isolate applications and running on the same server by using the application pool. Alongside it provides strong security. You can run mod_mono which supports Apache hosting.

Windows ASP.NET Shared Hosting in Bangladesh:

Windows ASP.NET Shared Hosting in Bangladesh:

We know site speed impacts your bounce rate, SEO rankings, and conversion rate. To ensure your online presence constantly, we provide fast web hosting, which loads your dynamic websites quickly.

We successfully do it with the help of cutting-edge hardware, software and rock-solid network infrastructure. So have peace in mind and enjoy the power of Plesk, .NET Framework, MS SQL Server, SSL certificate, Spam Filter, WordPress Toolkit, etc.

Also, ensure the maximum performance on our optimized Windows Servers. We use multi-core Intel Xeon processors, ample RAM resources, and cutting-edge SSD storage. It increases the chances of your website rankings. Be ready to go up on search engines with up to 4X faster page load times.

Windows Reseller Hosting:

Reseller Hosting is a process that allows you to resell Disk Space and Bandwidth to multiple clients or build a few large projects/websites simultaneously.

Typically windows reseller hosting includes Hosting Management and Billing Management Software. It helps you to create smaller plans or packages that you can sell further to your customers for a profit.

We can give you plenty of databases, add-on domains and 99.99% uptime guarantee. You can upgrade your reseller web hosting plan at any time. If you have any confusion or question, please contact us so that our hosting specialists can assist you.

Windows Reseller Hosting packages support all kinds of languages and scripts that are necessary. You can get a full refund if you don’t like your purchase for any reason with 30-day. So nothing to worry about.

Cheap Windows Shared Hosting in Bangladesh / Low-cost

Windows VPS in Bangladesh:

Windows VPS hosting in Bangladesh

A virtual private server (VPS) offers several advantages, especially businesses. It allows companies to upgrade to deploy full websites or eCommerce models without paying the high costs of a dedicated server.

To provide you world-class service, we have the latest Hyper-V solution, and also Plesk control panel. It simplifies server management and increases server security. Premium SSD hardware with RAID technology boosts the speed of our servers. You will get up to 20 times faster than traditional HDD. Also, you get a dedicated channel for your data and connectivity.

All of these best web hosting facilities you can get in a pretty low-cost. So don’t miss the chance, grab one suitable package as soon as possible.


What is the best-shared hosting for Windows ASP.NET Core?

It is the open-source cross-platform version of the .NET. It is a lightweight platform used to develop web services and applications. So all of your developed applications can be run on Linux, macOS, and Windows without facing any lack. ASP.NET Core developed to reduce workloads. It noticeably cut off the runtime.

What is Windows hosting with Plesk?

Windows hosting with Plesk

Linux and Windows have a different controlling system. Tech giant Microsoft has Plesk. It is a control panel software. The full name is “Parallels Plesk Panel”, makes managing your websites easy by offering a graphical interface. Home Accessories Tips

It makes website management easier for beginner users. It does not require memorizing commands. This can be tedious for new users and it’s a manual process. It is suitable for smaller teams with a lack of development knowledge. Stunning GUI dashboards can be a life and time-saver.