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BDIX Hosting, VPS, Cloud Server & Dedicated Servers (Linux & Windows Powered)

We are all familiar with the word internet now. And everyone is familiar with the term BDIX. We use corrosive broadband internet. Whenever we go for a broadband internet connection, our first question to any ISP is whether BDIX is connected. Because if we have BDIX connected, we can download movies or files from BDIX hosted server very quickly. Am I telling the truth? You also know that we are providing BDIX Web Hosting in Bangladesh.

Now if so, is your website connected to the BDIX network? So surely your website visitors can visit so fast? You will definitely want to arrange a quick visit to your website from everyone’s website. So that your visitors can visit easily and quickly and read the content of your web site or buy the product. So host your website in Bangladesh with BDIX Connected Hosting.

If you want to know better what BDIX Server is and how it works, then see this article: What is BDIX Hosting? The benefit of BDIX Hosting

BDIX is the first and leading Internet Exchange Point (IXP) of Bangladesh. More than 3,500 ISP in Bangladesh interconnect with BDIX. This reduces the latency between any two factors in Bangladesh from various hundred milliseconds to only 1-20 milliseconds. BDIX saves a huge quantity of global bandwidth. BDIX additionally provides inter-connectivity for IP Telephone provider in Bangladesh. If you are searching to grant fast, dependable, and large bandwidth service to customers in Bangladesh, you need to select a BDIX connected Hosting Server solution.

BDIX Hosting In Bangladesh

As the leading Hosting & Cloud Infrastructure company in Bangladesh, Hostever offers blazing faster BDIX Hosting solutions. Hostever maintains private cloud infrastructure at three market leading Datacenters in Dhaka, Bangladesh. All of these Datacenters are connected to BDIX over a fiber link. The average response time between these two Datacenters is only 1-2 milliseconds! For low latency, faster connections to web sites and services in Bangladesh, select any of the following BDIX connected services with Bangladeshi IP Addresses: Web Hosting, VPS, VDS, RDP, Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Servers.

Our Datacenter Features


BDIX Hosting Services of Hostever

BDIX Linux Hosting

Hostever Provide BDIX Linux Hosting in Bangladesh. Which is with Cloudlinux Powered cPanel Hosting with 99.99% Uptime, Pure SSD Space, Auto Backup. Free SSL & Domain

BDIX Windows Hosting

Hostever Provide BDIX Windows ASP.Net Hosting from Bangladesh Location’s server. Windows Powered Plesk Control panel with 99.99% Uptime, Pure SSD Space, Auto Backup.


Hostever Provide BDIX Windows RDP Server from Bangladesh Location’s server. Control panel with 99.99% Uptime, Pure SSD Space, Dedicated IP, Great Bandwidth.


BDIX Linux VPS in Bangladesh. Which is with High-performance Linux VPS for your Websites and Web Applications.

BDIX Windows VPS

BDIX Windows VPS in Bangladesh. Which is for High-performance ANP.NET website or your Web Applications also can use RDP.

BDIX Dedicated Server

High-performance BDIX Dedicated Servers hosted at market leading Datacenter in Bangladesh, Dedicated Resource & powerful.