Best Domain hosting company in Bangladesh

Best Domain hosting company in Bangladesh

The domain is the name and hosting is the space of any website. Before launching a website, purchasing a domain name and hosting is essential. But, selecting the best domain and hosting service to grow the website is indeed need. For this, choosing the best domain hosting company also is an important point.

Many domain hosting companies are available in our country. The rate of them is also increasing day by day. Among the top-10 company, hostever.com is the best domain hosting company in Bangladesh.

You can start your journey with us and gain your goal within a short time. Let’s try to know about our service and discover cheap and powerful domain hosting for your website.

Our Domain service quality:

Find out the best domain name with match the objects of the website is a significant step. If you don’t discover the best domain name for your website, you can’t expand your business easily. Before jumping any decision, take a look at the main features of our domain services. We support all Considerable aspects of the best domain hosting company in Bangladesh.

  • We provide the best level domain with cheap price.
  • You can order your selecting domain name through registering our website.
  • You don’t need to worry about the payment system. For the domain registration, you will be able to pay your money via BDT.
  • We provide your domain to you with a full control panel.
  • After getting the control panel, it is easy for you to control without any trouble.
  • Our customer support always ready to solve any type of problem at any time.
  • Our domain control panel allows you to use any company hosting for your domain.
  • We don’t receive a different price to renew your domain from next year, always receive the same price year from you.
  • We will give you full freedom to transfer your domain from us any time with the full support of us.

Our Hosting service quality:

As a domain hosting company in Bangladesh, we contain some significant quality to provide a hosting service to our client. The client’s reliability plus a satisfaction to us is our main achievement. To fulfill this aim, we are providing the best hosting service. Before making any decision, read out our hosting service quality in the below.

1. Hosting packages:

We offer different kinds of hosting packages. From our basic to advance hosting, we can pick the best hosting that you need. According to our client’s desire, we supply 500 MB to Unlimited GB. It is real that you can choose the best hosting pack in your budget with our full support. Here, we have given a short portrayal of our packages.

2. Disc space:

Disk space is a very important feature to build a high-quality website with great speed. So, select suitable disk space as your website. We have limited plus unlimited disc space from 500 MB to unlimited. You can select any pack with hosting disc space as you need. Our disc space is different from the available hosting package.

3. Bandwidth:

Bandwidth is so significant for download or uploads any data from any website. It is all about how to speed visitors can access your website. To increase the visitors, bandwidth keeps a great performance. Our every hosting package includes different types of monthly bandwidth. We set them in our all package so that our clients can use every monthly bandwidth each month.

4. Package upgrade:

As the top domain hosting company in Bangladesh, we have a package upgrade opportunity. It is a great chance for our clients. When they need more hosting space with bandwidth, they can upgrade the package that they have taken from us at any time. They can also upgrade the next package within cheap price.

5. Uptime:

Our hosting service contains strong uptime. Our clients can get 99.9% guaranteed uptime with full support and a reasonable price. If you like this service, you can visit our server and can get this service.

6. Limitless pack:

In our domain hosting company, we have included a limitless hosting pack for our clients’ advantage. Our limitless contain unlimited disk space, unlimited monthly bandwidth, limitless email, unlimited domain and so much more pack. We only provide the limitless pack at cheap price.

7. Security & support:

Security & support for the clients’ website is a big factor. Our web domain hosting service company in Bangladesh always provides 24/7 support when you have any server problem. We also must keep full security including firewalls, monitoring systems with other security add-ons.

8. Web server:

We provide various web server services in our company. If you need any kind of VPS, you can visit our site and select the beneficial VPS service for your site.

9. VPS service:

There are available VPS services in our domain hosting company. Our clients can choose their desirable service from here. We provide 3 types of VPS services such as basic, standard, and advanced level service.

10. Linux VPS service:

We also include Linux VPS service for our client’s advantages. In this service, we have added four types of services. You can pick any one of them with a friendly price that you need for your website.

11. Windows cloud VPS service:

In our company, we have added more and more VPS services to support our clients with every sector. To consider this, we also have included windows cloud VPS services. Our clients can select any one service from Win-1 to Win-4 cloud service.

12. Dedicated server:

Like another the best domain hosting company in Bangladesh, we have also dedicated servers. Here, we offer a semi-managed dedicated server from where our clients can choose the best one for them. Dedicated 1 to dedicated 6 is available in our web server package.

13. Managed dedicated server:

With a semi-managed dedicated server, we provide managed dedicated server service. We always try to know our client’s demands and try to give the best service. For this, we have provided various services according to their benefit. In our managed dedicated service, our client will get a few options such as dedicated 1 to dedicated 3. They can anyone of them after visiting their facilities.

Other essential services:

 1. Web development support:

The best domain hosting company in Bangladesh of us realizes the demand of clients. So, we include web development support services for them.

2. E-commerce solution:

To give more advantages service to our client, we have an e-commerce solution option in our company. From here, our clients can get any e-commerce solution after registered.

3. SEO-marketing service:

SEO & marketing are a very important sector to grow and get traffic with the sale for any website. If our client faces any problem in this sector, we always ready to give them this service.

4. Email solution:

Bulk SMS or Email solution is our great and fantastic service. Our clients also enjoy this and take to grow their business or to reach their web content to their desirable clients. With all the other services in our company, our clients can get the full benefit from this service.


1. What are domain and hosting?

The domain is the address name of your website.  A domain name is the name or address of any website. Without a domain, you can’t identify or find out your site on the internet. Just types the domain name in the browser’s URL bar if you want to visit your site.

Web hosting is a place where stored all types of files of your website. It is such a place where you can include the unlimited domain name that you want to include.web hosting companies are ready for storing and serving your website with smooth services.

2. Why should I buy my domain name?

Without a domain name, you can’t live your website. To make a website, a domain name is an essential step that you have to buy at first. Anyone can buy a domain name that you want to live. Without register a domain name you can’t visit the hosting server. To do this you must pay a fee for the fixed time.

3. How much does it cost for a domain name and hosting?

To buy a domain name and hosting server, you should pay a fixed fee. The fee mainly depends on the service. The fee of the domain and hosting is not the same. You must pay a different fee for both of them. For domain name, you need to count from $10 to $15. For web hosting, you also need to count $5 to $200.

4. Why do you need Webhosting?

Yes, you must need a Webhosting to live your e-commerce or individual site. If you have your hosting you can control your website. You also customize your site and keep safe and secure. You can choose any types of hosting from shared hosting, cloud hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated server hosting and so on.

5. Can I buy a domain name forever?

For a website, a domain name is must need. But, there is no option to buy a domain name forever. Technically speaking you can buy a domain for up to 10 years. And there was a good option that you can register the domain name with expiration date and also can renew it.


We always qualified for our clients for the following services. Among the best domain hosting companies in Bangladesh, we are popular for our unique service to them. Our clients vote for us because we don’t compromise anything with our quality for any solution.