.BD Domain Provider in Bangladesh

.BD Domain Provider in Bangladesh- TLD and ccTLD Domain Provider

DOT .BD Domain is the Internet Country Code in Bangladesh Top Level Domain (ccTLD) for Bangladesh. It’s maintaining by BTCL. The Country Code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) preferred for only a Specific Country. ccTLD is the best way for a business that is for just a specific country. But if the company isn’t for only a particular state, then it’s good to use only Top Level Domain (TLD)’s.

ccTLD made by using the short name of two alphabets of a country. BD is the short form of Bangladesh. For that, the domain extension or ccTLD extension is .com.bd only for Bangladesh. The ccTLD extension .com.bd, .org.bd, .info.bd, net.bd etc also known as BD Domain.

But if your business is for worldwide so choose a Top Level Domain (TLD). Top-Level Domain (TLD)’s are the common domain extension and preferred for worldwide marketing or other things.

Note: Choose the most similar extension that suits most for your business.

Best BD Domain Service Provider

We are the .BD Domain Service Provider, “Code for Host” uses to provide TLD and ccTLD both domain services. Choose any domain name, search and check the availability first. At first, look at our Domain List. Let us know if any domain extension is missing that you are looking for your business.

Custom DNS management available so manage DNS and speed up your website faster. Email Forwarding system can include if you want. Using the Email Forwarding system, you can get Emails directly on your Email.

Another good thing is that a customer can create Unlimited Email accounts, Unlimited Sub Domains, and Unlimited DNS Editor.

Thinking about our customer or client satisfaction we didn’t give a limitation to create Unlimited Sub Domains and Unlimited Emails. So, there is no stop to create unlimited emails, subdomains.

Apply Promo Code for a discount if you have any Promo Code.

But, if you want to transfer any domain, in this case, visit our domain transfer web page so you can assign a field easily. Fill up everything and move your area to Code for Host. So now transfer your domain to extend 1-year!

Note: Remember that some ccTLD is restricted domain extension, and the average public can’t purchase. But TLD’s has no restriction and available for everyone. Everyone can buy and use all the TLD extension.

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificate

Yes, we use to provide Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate. Get this one and secure your website. It also helps to rank fast on Search Engine. SSL protects every data on a site.

Our SSL Certificate uses to provide up to 128 or 256-bit maximum security of a visitor data that visited on your website.

A customer can generate many users and can stop the Bounce Rate because of using an SSL Certificate. The reason is that many users use to look at the security guard (SSL) so they can trust that their data is safe on a website. So, it will be good to give the customer the main priority. A user can easily understand that a site has an SSL or not just looking at the SSL Badge on the side of a URL Bar.

Google also love that website who is using SSL Certificate. As Google always look at customer satisfaction and security, so they want a site that also provides protection. So, customer data won’t lick. For customer security Google loves SSL. Google also has the top priority for a website who has SSL. Thus, the meaning is SSL is critical and required for those clients and our customer, who is serious about their business to establish online.

We also give you SSL Certificate 30 days Money Back Guarantee. Use our SSL Certificate and if you’re not satisfied with using one of our SSL so we’ll return your money.

SSL Certificate Plans

We have four plans for our customer. 1. Positive SSL, 2. Combo SSL, 3. Positive SSL Wildcard and 4. EV SSL.

Buy our SSL and you’ll have Domain Validation for Positive SSL, Combo SSL, and Positive SSL Wildcard. But for EV SSL you’ll have Extended-validation. All SSL Certificate is the issue for one year only for 1 Domain pack. But you can have unlimited SSL for subdomain using Positive SSL Wildcard. Free additional server licenses a customer will get so he can handle the SSL on another Web Server.

All SSL will get issued in 2 days only.

What’s Domain Validation and Extended-validation?

For Domain Validation a user can see an SSL Badge with a green signal (HTTPS) beside the URL Bar or Search Bar. But for Extended-Validation a user can view any word that you will use besides the search bar or URL bar with a green signal.

Do you have a domain reseller program?

Yes, we are accepting Domain Reseller. You can purchase domains at trade prices from us. Sell anywhere you want to sell at a Good price that suite for you. There is no stop for you.

Why do some BD Domains are restricted?

Note: As I said that Top Level Domain (TLD) doesn’t have any restriction, so we’re only talking about Country Code Top Level Domain (ccTLD). Intended domain extensions are buying able, but restricted domains aren’t allowing for everyone. I also told you before that it’s limited to some public and organization.

Those (the chart point) are the reason for the restricted domain/ccTLD.

Domain ExtensionDescription
.com.bdThe .com.bddomain extension is for the commercial purpose. Everyone is allowing to buy thedomain extension.
.org.bd.org.bd is for the non-profit organization where the owner or C.E.O doesn’t earn any profit from this organization. As the domain is restriction free so everyone is allowed to buy the domain extension.
.info.bdInfo.bd domain extension is buying available for everyone.Basically, the domain is for a person where he can write about himself. It’s only for individuals.
.net.bd.net.bd is a restricted domain and available for only forthe Internet Service Providers of Bangladesh. Otherwise, nobody can use thedomain extension.
.edu.bdA ccTLD which is only available for Bangladeshi Educational Institute.Educational Institute, College and University can use the Domain extension only. Otherwise, nobody is allow for the domain to purchase.
.ac.bd.ac.bd stands for Academic Institute and available forAcademic Institute, “School and Coaching Centre”. Otherwise, it’s restricted toother public.
.gov.bd.gov.bd only available for Government work purpose.Otherwise, it’s restricted to everyone.

This system has created because a person can understand just by looking at the domain extension. All those domains have created so the public can figure out quickly about the category.

Which Payment Gateway do you accept?

We accept BD Payment Gateway also so while a Bangladeshi Person is trying to buy a domain so he can pay us easily.
Accepted Bangladeshi Payment Gateway: Credit Card/Debit Card, Bkash, Pay with Cash, Bank Transfer (Modhumoti Bank) and Bank Transfer (Brac Bank).

Otherwise, a customer can pay us using Internation Payment Gateway also.
Accepted International Payment Gateway: International Credit Card/Debit Card, Paypal, Skrill, and Payza.

Choose any of the above ways that are best for you.

Suggestion to choose the best BD Domain

Note: Follow this below steps before you buy a domain. So you can be more beneficial.

  1. When you’re thinking to run a website about your business or other things, then it’s good to choose that has some value to peoples. Pick a Bengali word if you’re running your website for the specification country, “Bangladesh.” The Bengali word will be more beneficial than English word if you have the specification to Bangladesh. For Bangladeshi People, the Bengali word will capture more than any other English Word.
  2. The second is to choose the name which is related to your business. Because the related name can win a person mind faster and it’s beneficial.
  3. Search on Google and find out that which keyword has the most value. Choose the highest value word/keyword to become more profitable.
    Note: If your business has specification only for Bangladesh then It’s suggested to use DOT BD Domain because it can help you to rank. But if your business isn’t specified for only BD than buy the Top Level Domain (TLD) so it can reach worldwide.


Dot BD Domain is a Country Code Top Level Domain and maintaining by Bangladesh Telecommunications Company Limited (BTCL). TLD stands for Top-Level Domain (TLD). ccTLD has some restriction, but TLD doesn’t have any limit.

Use the only domain which is the best suitable for your business. So you get the best result in the future.
We, Code for Host uses to Provide BD Domain in affordable price. We always care for you and our priority is our customer. So, thinking about it we made the pricing list of Domains. Choose domain name and register but at first check the availability so you can purchase a domain.

Some suggestions are including before you buy any domain. That suggestion will be most useful for any business. Follow them and become successful.

We the BD Domain Service Provider are proud to provide you with our services. Contact us with your issue for any domain or anything. We will love to solve out your problem.